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Profound Rebuilding Needed to Shore Up U.S. Democracy

Sunrise at Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Rachel Kleinfeld


American democracy has been deeply damaged by a president’s refusal to concede power and his supporters’ use of violence and intimidation to pressure political officials—problems fueled by polarization and an antidemocratic faction of the Republican Party. Here’s where the fault lines come …

Uber was swindled out of $100m in ad spend

Uber losing $100m on ad spend shines light on the (often ineffective) programmatic ad industry.

Nandini Jami blew our collective minds when she resurfaced this story over the weekend.In 2017, her internet watchdog organization Sleeping Giants was nipping at Uber’s heels over ads the rideshare company placed on Breitbart.Uber responded by cutting ~$15m worth of adsSurprisingly, the …